Career & Training Programs

Join the Prism Community through one of our training programs. Prism has three different training programs each designed to help mission-oriented individuals reach their goals. Whether you want to become a teacher, develop leadership skills, or fulfill your course requirements, Prism can help you reach your goals.


Teacher Institute

The Teacher Institute is designed for individuals who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any field. Participants who successfully complete the two-year residential program will earn teacher licensure. The training program begins the summer prior to the fellows start date as a teacher in the school. The application window open in March.

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Summer leadership ACADEMY

The summer leadership is a faith-based program designed for individuals ages 18 to 24 who want to commit a summer to service. Interns devote 4-8 weeks of their summer serving as a camp counselor. Housing and expenses are paid for all volunteers in return for their full-time commitment during the duration of the internship.


education studies internship

Prism Education Center partners with various departments within the University of Arkansas to fulfill internship requirements. Selected participants can choose their area of expertise including administration, preschool education, athletics and fitness programs, elementary education, and food and nutrition services. Contact your academic advisor or email Prism.