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Graduation requirements designed to empower students to seamlessly step into successful adulthood.


A diploma from Prism Education Center represents more than solely that a student has met a certain level of academic proficiency. It also signifies that a student is prepared for adulthood and has mastered the values and skills necessary to to begin life as productive member of society.

There are seven (7) primary accomplishments that must occur in order for a student to graduate from Prism Education Center. These 7 tools are enveloped by an ability to communicate. Communication skills, among other things, will be measured within each of these accomplishments and will be a factor in determining whether a student has met the requirements of each section. The respective weight of each section is listed below along with its general description.

Seven Graduation Requirements 


Watch this short film to better understand the journey prism high schoolers take on their way to graduation.

A short film describing our Graduation Requirements and the journey a child goes on through their time at Prism Education Center. For more information on the Graduation Requirements, please visit:


Prism Education Center scholars are required to complete a minimum of 28 credit units for graduation with a minimum average GPA of 2.0.


Students must demonstrate a commitment to service by completing 500 hours of service while in high school.


Because physical fitness is part of a balanced lifestyle, students must engage in physical activity at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes.


By the 11th grade, each student is required to begin a capstone project that will take approximately two-years to complete.


Students will engage in and complete a creative project before graduation.


Impact measures student's ability to serve, lead, and relate to others.


Students must demonstrate engagement in the community outside of Prism.


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