7th-12th Track and Field Sign-Ups

Prism Bears Track Meet

7th-12th Grade Track and Field

  • In an effort to reduce activities that might interrupt family life in the evenings, all track and field practices will be conducted during the school day at the Jones Center. Participants will be transported on Prism van by authorized coaches or Prism staff.

  • We are asking parents to download the app WhatsApp on their phones or computers so we can more easily communicate and send team messages about meets/practices/events.

  • Track and field fees are $75/runner. This covers the cost of registration for running meets. Students will be asked to participate in a few fundraisers or fundraising events to cover costs of gym rental for practices.

  • All runners have to put down a $25 deposit for their uniforms (checks are suggested). When students return their uniforms at the end of the season, we will give back the uncashed checks. If uniforms are not returned, we will cash the check.

  • The track schedule can be found here. Our goal is to provide students with one track event/week for each age division (junior high and high school).

  • Practices will begin the week of February 24.

Please send all questions to Chloe at chloe.shreve@prismeducationcenter.org.

7th-12th Track Info & Sign-up Sheet (due Friday, Feb 22)

K-12 Track Schedule

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