1st-6th Grade Track and Field Sign-Ups


Elementary Track and Field Sign-Ups are live!

Here are some important things to note for the elementary track program this year:

  • All practices for elementary track and field will be held during the school day or after school program. We will set the final schedule once we have all sign-ups in. Sign-ups are due FRIDAY MORNING on February 22.

  • We are asking parents to download the app WhatsApp on their phones or computers so we can more easily communicate and send team messages about meets/practices/events

  • There are 3 elementary meets. Each cost $10/student to register. This is the only fee that elementary runners are required to pay when they sign-up.

  • All elementary runners do have to put down a $25 deposit for their uniforms (checks are suggested). When students return their uniforms at the end of the season, we will give back the uncashed checks. If uniforms are not returned, we will cash the check.

Please send all questions to Chloe at chloe.shreve@prismeducationcenter.org.

Elementary Track Info & Sign-Up Sheet

K-12 Track Schedule

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