Media Awareness Announcement

Hello Prism Parents,

We wanted to keep you posted on a discussion we had with your student and his peers today.  These meetings were motivated by a slow shift we have begun to see in some of our students regarding their interest in violent video games.  Recently, we have observed small pockets of imaginative play and conversation that warranted a school wide discussion. While this may not directly involve your child, we thought it would be good to keep everyone on the same page--so we are writing you all.  We believe that protecting our young men from some of the distorted views of reality that our media outlets portray is of the utmost importance in today’s culture. However, in order to do this it crucial that all of our families are informed and holding a united front to help us keep our environment safe for all.  If one student brings this in, we are all impacted. Please take a moment to read through our meeting highlights and talk with your children tonight about the conversation.

Meeting Highlights:

  • Many of today’s media sources like video games, music, and movies are sending the message that certain behaviors--like violence--are acceptable.

  • These values expressed through many media sources are counter culture to our core values as a school community and thus cannot be a topic of conversation or play.

  • As Prism Scholars we should be taking time to consider whether the games, music and movies that entertain us represent what we believe is “good” and “correct”

  • Keeping our community safe requires this commitment from all of our students.

  • We must all exercise restraint in the topics we choose to bring into the school and exercise boldness in defending the culture that we all dearly value.  

It is our desire that this conversation will spark an awareness among our students to become more thoughtful about the media they choose to consume.  It is also our desire for these conversations to continue at home. We strongly encourage all families to take this opportunity to evaluate the content and messages of the media being used in your homes.  It is impossible to guard our children from everything in today’s media, but we can be proactive in the conversations we have with them. Through this, we hope our students will become intentional in building internal structures to protect their hearts and minds even when adults are not present.

Thank you for your partnership,

Lindsey Nichols

Chloe Shreve