March Madness Bracket Contest

Each year we put together a fun competition for March Madness where parents, students, and Prism friends and family members put together a bracket of who they think will win each game in March Madness. Some recreate the 1994 championship to the best of their ability, some use statistics and probability, some use actual basketball knowledge, and some just enter at random in hopes of building relationships. We would love for you all to join us this year. Everyone who participates puts a $1 bill in the basket at the front of the building and that money is used to buy a gift for the winner.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Click the link below and set-up your brackets this Sunday 

You're invited to join "Prism 2019" in the Capital One® NCAA® March Madness® Bracket Challenge. Join here:

2. Put a $1 bill in the March Madness box for every bracket you set-up. There will be a box in PK and a box in the School Age building. Funds will be pooled to buy a prize. Winner takes all.

Misty Newcomb