Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation Week at Prism

Our goal is to make this an over-the-top wonderful week for Prism teachers. So each day, we will have a different theme or project that students and parents can participate in to show their gratitude to their child’s teacher or teachers. You can participate in one day or in all 5--your choice! But let’s all work together and show these teachers love!


Mexi-Potluck day

There is actually nothing more universally adored at Prism than Mexican food. Please sign-up to drop-off something for our Mexican potluck by 10:45 AM. Here is a sign-up sheet.


#ThankaTeacher Card Day

Parents and students can bring a card to their teacher. Homemade cards are like gold around here. A simple card that says why you are grateful for your teacher will probably be the most prized gift of the week.


Sweet Eats Day

We would like to turn the teacher work room into a confectionary boutique for the day. Bake some cookies, buy some chocolates, drop-off some donuts. Bring whatever sweet treat you think would bring the most joy to the teachers.


Beverage day

We are going to do a beverage run to sonic and to the coffee shop in the afternoon. Drop off a dollar or two in the buckets up front. We’ll take orders and use the money to buy drinks for all the teachers. You can also venmo money to @coffee-deck and write in “Teacher Appreciation Day” anytime during the week


Gift Bag Day

On Monday, we will set out gift bags for all the teachers in the great hall. Each day, they will be open for students or parents to “fill the bag” with goodies, cards, drawings, whatever you would like--big or small. We’ll deliver the bags to the teachers on Friday during their lunch period.

Misty Newcomb