Our Vision

Shaping leaders who will influence society with Biblical values.

Misty Newcomb, Executive Director Prism Education Center

Misty Newcomb, Executive Director
Prism Education Center

Prism Education Center was founded in 2012 by members of a local church, The Community. Our vision is to build an environment where students can develop into strong men and women who will influence society and strengthen their respective communities as they graduate from our school system.

As human beings, we are all powerfully shaped by our context. That is why the faculty and staff at Prism work so diligently to construct a school culture that is designed to build our students into strong leaders. The community of students, teachers, and families at Prism create a context that serves to equip scholars with a strong sense of identity and a powerful value system as they progress through their education journey.

We are inspired by the Biblical story of Daniel. He and his peers were taken into captivity by a people whose value system was incongruent with their own. Though they were trained in the ways of that system, their own value system was never compromised and they upheld a godly standard despite opposition from every side.

Daniel serves as a model for our students. As students graduate from Prism, they will have an aptitude for literature, science, and math that will open doors for them to earn scholarships and secure meaningful employment. But they will also have a developed “lens” through which they see and interpret the world that is rooted in Biblical values.

As we move into our seventh year as a school, we look forward to expanding our facilities, enhancing our extracurricular and co-curricular programming, and building on the strength of our academic programs. But most of all, we look forward to watching our students develop into young men and women of knowledge, insight, integrity, and wisdom, who will impact every sphere of society by expressing and representing a standard of excellence.

We are grateful for the families and community members who join us in this worthy mission and look forward to building with you this year and in years to come.


Misty Newcomb
Executive Director
Prism Education Center
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