Sharing Life


Life is best when lived within the context of community. A crucial part of the school culture at Prism is the community built through our daily routines as well as the manner in which we conduct all extra-curricular activities.

A balanced educational experience should be filled with opportunities for students to expand their interests, challenge them in mastering proficiency in new skills, experience the support of their community, and ultimately shape their internal person in new ways.

We have found experiences such as participation in sports teams and school plays, become powerful tools in shaping student character. In many ways, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to apply the values and character traits discussed at the school.

To that end, Prism provides numerous opportunities for students to engage in a broad array of activities together. Faculty and staff partner with parents to ensure that every student in grades 6-12 are enrolled in at least one non-academic activity.

Faculty and staff also devote a significant amount of energy in ensuring students are building a strong community. Whether mulching the school grounds, or eating lunch community style, or performing a play, Prism students experience a rich community life everyday through both the ordinary routines of life and the extraordinary shared experiences.