Preschool Playground Project


We will start renovating our playground in January! The drawing above shows our general plan that features 10 different projects. Beside each drawing is a picture of what the end product should look like. Below, we’ve broken down the individual project. You can see where we are in terms of fundraising or how you can help!


Wooden kitchen and paved tiles.

  1. Prepare the dirt (get it completely flat)

  2. Lay pavers and filler pavers

  3. Build wooden kitchen

  4. Stock with props

Total Cost: $350
Amount Raised: 0

Sensory Planters.jpg

Sensory Planters

  1. Build the planter boxes

  2. Fill with soil and plants and sound makers

Total Cost: $500
Amount Raised:


Bamboo Bridge And Gravel Flooring

  1. Lay rock walkway

  2. Pour Pea Gravel to help deal with drainage on the playground

  3. Set-up bamboo bridge.

  4. Plant plants

Total Cost: $800
Amount Raised: 0


Fort, Rock steps, and plants

  1. Build fort

  2. Build rock staircase

  3. Plant hedges

Total Cost: $1,050
Amount Raised: 0


Sandbox and Cover

  1. Build sandbox

  2. Fill with sand

  3. Plant grasses around it

Total Cost: $350
Amount Raised: $200

climbing wall.jpg

Climbing path

  1. Build climbing path into the fort

Cost: $1,050
Amount Raised: 0

Sensory Walk and Platform.jpg

Sensory Walk and PLatform

  1. Build platform

  2. Build sensory pathway

  3. Build the River Rock construction zone for cars and trucks

Total Cost: $680
Amount Raised: 0


Storage container

  1. Purchase storage container.

  2. Assemble.

  3. Use to store mud kitchen materials and “loose parts”

Cost: $250
Amount Raised: 0