Scholarship Availability

Prism Education Center ensures that students from all income levels have access to its world-class education program by providing extensive financial aid. Some full scholarships are provided, but most assistance is provided in the form of tuition discounts that differ based on household income. Families pay only a small portion of the tuition requirements, the remainder is subsidized by the school through donors or fundraising efforts. The amount paid by each family member differs by household income, family size, and scholarship funds available. The tuition tab provides an expected tuition range families from different income levels can expect to pay. In addition to tuition discounts, several criterion-based scholarships are also provided to students through non-Prism donors.

Financial Aid Application

Prism Education Center utilizes a financial aid application program called Smart Aid.  During the online application, you will provide detailed information regarding household income, expenses, and other considerations, as well as financial documentation.  

We encourage prospective families to wait on completing the Smart Aid application until after the completion of Enrollment Step 1 (Scheduling a Tour). 

The Smart Aid application costs $35 per family and is due at the time of submission. 

Volunteerism & Support Requirement

To offset the cost of tuition discounts and scholarships, parent may be required to participate in a pre-determined number of volunteer or service hours to either raise money or to reduce operating costs of the school. A scholarship fundraising calendar will be published annually so parents can plan the events in which they will participate.These details are worked out in writing with each parent before enrollment is finalized.

Some examples of support provided by parents in the past include:

  • Participating in fundraisers such as the Razorback Gym Clean-up or School-Based Bake Sales

  • School-based facility improvement work-days

  • Doing small construction projects

  • Teaching specific courses or clubs (must have all required qualifications)