Teacher Institute

Values-Based Education requires a values-driven teacher. Take a two-year journey to become a values-based teacher and earn your teacher’s license.


A fully functional education system is one that equips its students to become contributing members of society. To this end, it is vital that students learn the academic skills necessary to be functional members of society, as well as develop the character and values required to contribute to their respective communities in a positive way.

In an increasingly complex world fraught with challenges that are global in nature, it is vital that education systems offer more than just certification and high test scores. A high-quality education system clarifies vision and equips the populace with tools to achieve that vision, prepares students for life’s complexities, promotes critical thinking and innovation, and is holistic in its approach and emphases. 

Such a dynamic education system cannot be achieved by simply altering curriculum. The values, character, capacity, and complexity of the leaders and instructors in each respective education system determines whether such goals can be achieved.

Teacher preparation programs have historically emphasized the theoretical framework for effective pedagogical practice but had a very limited emphasis on character development of students and instructors. This has the potential to create an imbalanced education system that prioritizes academic outcomes at the exclusion of the development of values, character, and capacity. For that reason, teacher training programs must approach the certification process from a more holistic perspective.

Prism’s Teacher Institute develops teachers through a complex two-year training program that not only provides explicit instruction toward these goals but also immerses teaching fellows in a values-based school culture.

Upon completion of this program and approval from the Arkansas Department of Education, teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree in another field can receive licensure and be awarded a teacher’s license in accordance with ADE policies and procedures.



The mission of the Prism Education Center Teacher Institute is to develop high-quality teachers who improve not only student’s academic achievement, but who also have the capacity to impart values, develop culture, and build a strong classroom community.