Dedicated experts with a proven record of success and commitment who embody and impart the values of Prism Education Center.


Early Child Teachers


Prism Education Center has five early childhood classrooms with students ages 6-weeks to 5-years of age. On average, our lead teachers have served at Prism for 4.5 years.


Jerusha Gittlen, 2012

Shakea Burgess, 2013

Joleen Torgerson, 2013

Sharon Enamorado, 2017

Ilian Cruz, 2017

Heather Turnbull, 2017

Mallorie Spielmaker, 2017

Admin & Operations
Linda Denison, 2013

Rachel Anderson, 2016


K-12 Teachers

A committed group of teachers create a robust educational experience in our private school.


Heather Keene, 2018

Chanly Young, 2012
Early Primary Teacher

Diane Aday, 2017
Elementary Teacher

Brittany Rose, 2013
Upper Elementary

Kirsten Baird, 2015
After School Teacher

Hannah Howard, 2012
Religious Studies

Chloe Shreve, 2014
Arts and Enrichment

Stephanie Chastain, 2016
Upper Elementary

Katelyn Minor, 2015
MS & HS Mathematics

Caitlin Webster, 2013
ELA and Social Sciences

April Graham, 2017
Assistant Teacher

Sarah Denison, 2016
Adjunct Professor, Speech

Jeff Shreve, 2014
Athletics, Volunteer



Prism Education Center is led by a Board of Directors and an Executive Team that manages the day-to-day operations of the school.


Steve Schultz

Kristie Spielmaker

Ben Lagrone

Tyrel Denison

Malachi Nichols
Board Member

Terrell Spencer
Board Member

Executive Team

Misty Newcomb, 2012
Executive Director

Lindsey Nichols, 2012
Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Wall, 2012
Chief Financial Officer