Scholarship Fundraising

Ensuring Prism's high-quality educational programs are accessible to families from all income levels is a strong priority of this school. To that end, Prism will give over $250,000 in scholarships in the 2019-20 school year. In order to help fund these scholarships and ensure that the school has the funds necessary to continue to expand and enhance the quality of programs offered at Prism, we are asking families who receive scholarships and community volunteers, to help raise funds or volunteer in proportion to the scholarship they have receive.


3-On-3 Tournament

March 30, 2019

Prism hosts a 3-on-3 tournament each year. Entry fees go toward paying expenses associated with the tournament. All profits from this event will go toward the Prism scholarship fund. This event takes about 4-5 volunteers on the day of the event. Families can also help by recruiting their friends and colleagues to form a team.


Softball & Baseball field clean-ups

March 13, April 19, April 26, & May 9

Periodically, Prism will clean one of the Razorback stadiums after a game to earn fund. Prism will raise between $250 and $1,800 depending on the event and the clean-up. The baseball and softball clean-ups are significantly easier and occur in the spring. Donate an hour of your time after the game to clean-up and help raise funds toward the scholarship program. We will need approximately 25 people to give one-hour for each of these clean-ups.


April 4

NWA Gives is a regional giving day for nonprofits across Northwest Arkansas including Prism. On this day we will be leveraging this event to raise approximately $6,000 for Prism. There are two parts to our event:

  1. The social media campaign that is common to all participating nonprofits

  2. An evening banquet held solely for the purpose of recruiting funds for this event.

We would like to ask parents to help us set-up, host and cater, and tear down the banquet as well as help us run the social media portion of this campaign that is hosted during the day.